Full-time property caretaker for small sixteen unit condominium complex on Sanibel Island

Posted: 10/17/2021

The following are key elements of the Caretaker role and the goals that Pine Cove is looking to achieve:

  • Caretaker has the eye and attention for detail that mirrors that of being an owner: that is, we expect that the caretaker looks at items on the property in the same way that an owner would care for, respect, and anticipate a premium property experience.
  • Responsible for deep vendor engagement, communication, and follow-up that demonstrates an understanding of the work quality that is performed and upholding the standards of excellence from each vendor.
  • Responsibility for hospitality and knowing who is on property at all times, including Board members, owners and guests. This is critical for understanding and communicating the importance of issues as they arise or anticipating future issues before they arise.
  • Responsibility and contribution towards enforcement of the Pine Cove rules. Awareness and communication of those rules in partnership with Island Management, Board and Owners in order to maintain a premium environment for all owners and guests.
  • Responsible for oversite and delegation of janitorial and maintenance activities that occur on property through Caretaker support and where necessary Island Management janitorial services.
Job Requirements and Description:
Community inspections and care:
  • Daily inspections of the property that look for safety issues, repairs that need to be addressed, and areas that need to be cleaned
  • Creation and definition of inspection procedures, communication of inspection reports
  • Weekly summary of community inspections and report to the Board of director
  • Review of on-going project list and status and coordination of repairs
  • Definition and coordination of regularly scheduled maintenance activities including:
    • Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and Periodic Maintenance items (e.g. tree trimming, pressure washing, dryer vent cleaning, elevator inspections, fire inspections, trash removal, etc)
    • Communication to owners, guests, and rental agencies of any work that impacts amenities or otherwise disrupts
  • Supplies ordering, maintenance items, inventory, and approval for purchase of janitorial and maintenance supplies
Owner Engagement:
  • Awareness when owners are on property
  • During daily inspections, ensuring that rules are being followed
  • Maintain access to all units on behalf of the association.  Ensure association maintains access at all times.
  • Guest check-in with caretaker, introduction, and awareness of the rules
  • Maintain owner files
  • Coordination of owners renovation procedures (requirements, timeframe, correspondence with board, etc)
  • Ensure that rules are kept in unit and available to owners and guests.  Communication to owners and rental agencies if there are issues with rules compliance
Guest Engagement:
  • Guest check-in with caretaker, introduction, and awareness of the rules.
  • Guest log definition and procedures
  • During daily inspections, ensuring that rules are being followed
  • Enforcement procedures
Coordination of outside vendors:
  • Review of on-going project list status and engage with vendors to coordinate necessary repairs and follow up
  • Definition and communication of project list
  • Scheduling of capital projects, coordination with owners, rental companies, and communication of large projects
  • Vendor check-in upon arrival to Pine Cove
  • As required, setting up vendor meetings for additional feedback and changes to service
Coordination of bids and proposals for capital and contracted work onsite
  • Attend regularly scheduled Board Meetings and Provide Property Report
  • Annual meeting preparation and participation
  • 40 hours per week requirement with Saturday and Sundays required; two days off during week (Thursday & Friday)